2014 Pricing is live, but the package is already changing!

So in December I updated the pricing for 2014. The prices are going to remain the same, but I’ve come to a realization  in regards to my newborn packages.

I hate making parents choose images of their baby. It’s such a unique period of where you are so overwhelmingly in love, and so overwhelmingly exhausted.  I remember trying to pick the boy’s images from our photography session and I just couldn’t wrap my head around which one was better than the other.

In a family session you have the opportunity to pick between multiple images with different combinations, siblings together, sibling with mom, sibling with dad, dad and mom together. The decision is much easier to make. But with newborns you want to remember EVERY little detail.


I’m going to start including the whole set of images on the USB from gallery in my newborn package, this is both for lifestyle and posed. I’m super happy to be making this change. I hope you all will be too!

And what’s a post without some baby squish.

DSC_1402e_Montgomery County Newborn Photographer DSC_1346e_Montgomery County Newborn Photographer


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