{Montgomery County PA} Hello World Session- Why choose this option?

What are you talking about? Hello World? What does that mean?

Hello World Montgomery County PA Newborn Photography

A Hello World session has quite a few names, it can also be called a “Fresh 48” or “First Look” etc. I started this trend in 2011 when I had a friend come in and professionally photograph Drew meeting his newly born brother, Thomas at the hospital. Okay I lied. I certainly didn’t invent this concept, but those pictures are some of my absolute favorite ever take of my family.

That’s me, my husband, and my son’s meeting for the first time. (Picture taken by Mike Voicheck)


Hello World Montgomery County PA Newborn PhotographyHello World Montgomery County PA Newborn Photography

What does a Hello World Session mean for Erica Colvin Photography?

Hello World: session booked in advanced of your child’s birth, that takes place at the location of the birth in the first 48 hours after birth. (Hospital, birth center or home)

Hello World Montgomery County PA Newborn Photography

Hello World {NICU}: A session taking place in the NICU. These do not have to be within the first 48 hours post birth; they take place during your NICU stay. It’s a way to document this milestone in your child’s life.

2013-04-30_0002 2013-04-30_0006 NICU photography Montgomery County PA

What’s the difference between this and the Contracted Hospital Photographer?

Hospital Photography- someone with props on a cart, a camera set on Auto, that stops by at random times during your hospital stay. Typically they only photograph the baby, not you, not siblings, not capturing those initial bonding moments with baby.

Erica Colvin Photography- I become “on call” at the time around your Estimated Due Date. Post (or before if you have an induction or scheduled c-section) birth we set an arranged time during daylight hours for me to come in and photograph your newborn. This can be arranged so that I am capturing when siblings meet one another, when dad is around (unlike when Tommy’s hospital photographer came in), Grandparents meeting their first grandchild, going home from the hospital, etc.

Are these posed photos?

No. I know recently the hospital contracted photographers have been doing poses and props in hospital. You won’t find me bringing props other than perhaps a swaddle blanket. YOU may have a meaningful hat, outfit, etc that you’d like baby to be in while I’m there. But I will not do posed pictures at the hospital. You can find a link to information on my newborn sessions here. This session is not to take place of a newborn session, and booking both will include a discount of $50.

Hello World Session pictures will be in the style of lifestyle photography – unposed, natural or available light. Baby in the bassinet, baby with mom, baby with dad, baby meeting sibings, etc.

What is included?

  • 60 minutes of shooting time
  • 10 digital images to be selected from a private gallery of 30-40 hand edited images
  • Fusion video
  • FB timeline cover
  • Option to purchase remaining gallery for $25 an image or entire remaining gallery $250

How many sessions I book per month is limited to two.  Please contact me today to reserve your session.

Montgomery County Newborn PhotographerHello World Session


What is Fusion Video?

Many of my session descriptions on my price page say *Fusion video* included. Fusion video is a short video in which I take video clips and still photography from your session and set it in motion to a song. These are easily sent to family and friends to quickly share the majority of pictures from your session. And as much as I love still photography those few short clips of your baby and family in motion really just put a finishing touch on capturing that raw emotion you feel when your baby is oh so little.

Here’s my latest fusion video!

Meet baby Colin. In this lifestyle session I brought along one of my most treasured books titled: Little Boy by Alison McGee. At the end of the book it states: “Little boy you remind me how, so much depends on days made of now”

So so true

Baby Evan {Lancaster County} Newborn Session

This gallery contains 13 photos.

I shared Evan’s NICU session here. But last week I traveled back to Lancaster County to take some shots of Evan and his family at home.  Sweet little Evan increased my baby fever even more so.  Big sister Cam was … Continue reading