Montgomery County {Hello World} First visit to Einstein Hospital

I’ve had a few friends deliver at Einstein, but I hadn’t stepped in the doors quite yet. That changed when Jennifer contacted me about my portfolio building Hello World Session. She was scheduled to deliver her sweet little boy on a Monday in July. He had other plans, just like the rest of my summer babies have had so far! He decided he was coming a day early. But no worries, all went smoothly with his delivery and I still kept our Monday date for our session.

I pulled up to the hospital and the gorgeous front of the building which overlooks a large park and was super excited to step inside. I arrived and was quickly sadden by the lack of filled rooms! Get working on filling up those rooms!!

However, Jennifer’s room had the opposite problem, as the nurses commented that she was a pretty popular patient with record number of visitors! I was glad to be one of them and to be able to snuggle this sweet little man for a few minutes while Jennifer was getting her wellcheck. (Quite a perk to my job!)

Like the other hello world hospital session I had done right as I was arriving it was beginning to storm and be overcast. Happily I still was able to complete the session without using my flash, and sunshine soon arrived to the room in the form of an older brother. He was so proud and I can tell he’s already a big help to Mom. The “real sun” came out as well by the end of my session and the light in the room was quite beautiful.

I hope all is well now that you’re settled in at home! Good luck to big brother as he starts preschool this fall!

Montgomery County Newborn Montgomery County NewbornMontgomery County NewbornMontgomery County NewbornMontgomery County NewbornMontgomery County Newborn Montgomery County Newborn

If you are expecting and would like to schedule a Hello World Session with me, please contact me today. These can take place the first 48 hours after birth where the birth took place. It’s a great way to capture those first sweet surreal emotions.



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