Cutest elves you’ll ever see!

This is a personal share. I know we still have over a month until Christmas. But I also know that last year put their Christmas cards on sale for $0.29 MAILED mid November. Luckily last year I was ready … Continue reading

Christmas Minis- Thank you thank you thank you!

For making them a sweet success!  Last weekend I held my first annual Christmas Minis at Hague’s tree farm in Hatfield. My sister in law was my assistant for the day, but first I took her pictures along side my brother in law.

I had four families in the morning, followed by four families in the afternoon. Then when it was time to clean up I had my husband bring my boys in for some of the fun. Here’s a quick sneak peek.

DSC_0283e DSC_0295e DSC_0304e


Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0287 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0288 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0289 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0290 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0291

With those who gave permission for a sneak peek I’ll ad a blog post too. So keep on the look out for more!