Adoption Session: Sam and Steph

I met Sam and Steph even before I moved here. They attend the church my husband grew up in, and Sam is one of my brother in laws close friends. Once we moved here in 07 I saw Sam and Steph more frequently. Steph and I both would cheer on our husbands during church league softball. (Or once my husband quit I’d cheer on my brother in law……)

Steph and I hit it off, having quite a few things in common. To start we were both elementary school special education teachers, both deciding where to take our graduate courses, both newlyweds, the list went on. I was super excited when Sam and Steph began their house hunt and ended their hunt with a house across the street from my own. Now we had our address in common. And not to long ago, after I had begun my stay at home mom journey, Steph and I even shared the same principal! Things about us keep coming into commonalities.

I cannot wait until we have this next thing in common. Parenthood.

Sam and Steph have been documenting their journey to parenthood here. They have been journaling their way through the adoption process. Recently they had a dinner fundraiser in which I donated a family session to be raffled away in hopes of helping them raise funds towards making their parenthood dream come true. But I had also mentioned to them that if they needed any pictures for the potential birth mother or something for their adoption portfolio I’d be more than happy to take some for them.

They told me they had an idea. Actually I remember Sam said, “Steph will talk to you about that, she’s got a plan for some pictures. She’ll explain it.” So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Steph told me she would like to have an adoption “maternity” session. Of course I was game, but had no clue what that meant.

Steph linked me to her pinterest board of images she had pinned from other adoption sessions. I was blown away. These images she collected were beautiful. My pinterest is filled with photography sessions, but I somehow had still managed to never see any of these ideas. I was so excited to help the two of them have the same type of session as these images she had pinned. I hope I did them justice.

Here’s to our next commonality Steph! Parenthood!

Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0333 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0334 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0335 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0336 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0337 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0338 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0339 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0340 Montgomery County PA fAMILY Photography_0341


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