Meet Michele Montgomery County Pa {Maternity Session}

I met Michele about a year and a half ago. She had offered up her home for a play date for my local mom’s group. I remember the first time I went over. We ended up swapping stories about our pregnancies, birth, initial days of newborn fog. So much in common of that new mommy-hood.

Michele’s story is quite a bit more interesting and inspiring than mine: she was adopted by a very young mother who was fresh out of high school, she met her husband young and married him shortly after meeting, she wrote books under a pen name.

But of all subjects we touched upon that day, I know we talked about this one: A blessing way.

A blessing way is basically a meeting of an expectant mother’s closest friends and family, as they gather around her to shine love and advice and encouragement in the last few haring weeks of pregnancy.

I never thought that day after hearing the rest of Michele’s story that 18 mos later I’d be attending a blessing way for Michele.

Today I am. Today I am! I want to shout it with glee! I couldn’t be happier for my friend, her husband, and her two surviving children.

Michele and Peter have a set of three year old boy girl twins, whom my children adore. They are expecting a third boy next month. Before the twins, Michele and Peter had set out on a long hard road in trying to conceive in which they experienced four miscarriages and two pregnancies in which ended in premature birth and the loss of three additional children.

It was after those loses that Michele in her strength and gracious heart began Mending Hearts Mending Bellies, a support group for women who had to experience the same sort of loss as Michele and her family. She also runs the local chapter of Face2Face.

Michele has helped and supported many women through infertility struggles, the loss of a child, and the blessed birth after the struggle.

And I am so happy that she again is going to experience the joy after the struggle. With this pregnancy she is not on bed rest, and has made it past the length of her former pregnancies. She is running 5Ks, chasing after B&M, mowing the lawn, and posing for maternity pictures. All are feats that would not have happened in her previous pregnancies.

Michele I am so happy for you and Peter. I cannot wait to watch our children to continue to grow with one another and become life long friends.

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Michele shared with me, that once she had picked up the habit of running, that she’d run through this park. She’d run by this statue of the three children, two boys and a girl. Just like her own children who were no longer Earth bound. She felt it was the children’s way of telling her that they are happy and okay. I know those souls are looking over Michele’s children here on Earth.

Thank you again Michele for letting me share your story.Montgomery County Pa Maternity Photographer Montgomery County Pa Maternity PhotographyFor more of her story you can follow Michele’s blog at:  My Life After Loss.

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